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Our Story

About ARIS

ARIS Design Group is a Design Firm located outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We specialize in designing custom homes for clients across the US and are known for our beautiful designs, our builder friendly and detailed documentation, our artistic 3D exterior and interior renderings, our transparent and fair pricing, and our customer centered and innovative design process. 

ARIS Design Group is a family owned business that is striving to change the design and construction industry stereotypes. We want to support our clients throughout the design process, partner with builders, contractors, and other industry professionals, give back to our community and others, and provide a work environment and culture that while professional, is anything but corporate. 


We work closely with our clients and building partners to bring them into each step of the design process. We also offer support services for first time builders, including project management and advocacy with your selected builders and/or selected contractors. Our team is committed to making the design process as easy, fun, and transparent as possible. We would love for you to be part of the ARIS Family and would be honored to help you bring your dream to life! 

The Heart of ARIS

ARIS Design Groups is passionate about serving the community around us and to giving back to those that are making a difference locally and around the world. We do this by: 

1. We use our team's talents, knowledge, and willingness to volunteer to serve our local communities where our services can be of direct and indirect value.


2. We prioritize giving as a company. A top percentage of all gross sales is given directly to organizations within our community and across the globe that our making a difference in the lives of others.


3. We work to recognize, identify, hire, and develop, new talent in the talent industry and provide a remote working environment that allows flexibility, time with family, and freedom from corporate burnout. 


Why We Are Different


We use in person and/or virtual interactive design sessions to make real time changes to fit your personal design preferences in both the floorplan and custom design phase. 

Designs Created
in 3D

From the start we draw and design in 3D instead of converting our designs after the fact. This means less hours billed to you and a more comprehensive view of your home. 

Advocacy &

We are here for you! We partner with you to bring your dreams to life and advocate on your behalf with your builder . We take a no surprise approach and are fully transparent about the process, time frame, and billing. 

Budget Optimization

We provide complete material itemization allowing for take offs and design modifications. This ensures your plan and vision is maintained, while protecting and maintaining your budget requirements.

Builder Friendly

We are designing your home for you to live in, not for a magazine! We use vetted materials, and communicate and align with your builder to create our innovative designs based on your personal ideas and dreams.  

Our Team


Leadership Team

Dewayne Havens and Matthew Habuda are partners, and most importantly friends. Dewayne is the mastermind behind ARIS Design Group and the Creative Director. He brings 15 years of  design experience and loves working in 3D. Matt brings 20 years of business innovation, organizational transformation, and culture development to ARIS.


Together they have created a residential design firm unlike any other, where clients are their first priority, giving back is a central focus, employees work in a non-corporate environment, and our business partners and clients are family. 

Dewayne Havens
Dewayne Havens
Co-Owner; Principal and Creative Director


Matthew Habuda
Matthew Habuda
Co-Owner; Director of Operations & Development


Our Process

Our Process 

We offer a free discovery process that allows us to fully understand your dreams and compile the information into a full and transparent quote based on our pricing standards and matrix.  We offer a wide range of design and pricing plans to best fit your needs and budget. This phase will result in an estimate that is customized to fit your specific project needs. 

Once a plan is decided upon, we create a contract that clearly defines our projected timeline and payment terms.  Upfront and honest  communication is a key component of ARIS Design Group. An invoice is then sent, and once the initial payment is made the design process begins!

All of our work is held to the highest standards of quality control, which ensures that your design will not only meet our standards, but that we will provide our building partners with concise and detailed construction documents.



This is where you meet with your personal designer and client engagement director  to create your floor plan and map your project in detail. We offer multiple ways for interactive feedback on your design until your floor plan and preliminary renderings are complete. Key aspects of this phase include idea gathering, spatial floor plan, and a complete conceptual rendering of your first set of plans. 

**This will provide the minimal requirements for financial institutions.**


This phase is all about our unique and creative custom design process and experience. This is also where we ensure the placement of all the critical components of your design so that we can place your electrical, plumbing, fixtures, and finishings according to your specifications. During this phase  we apply your style to the floor plan inside and out and design materials are selected. This is a critical step to bring your personal  custom 3D rendering to life and allows you to be virtually immersed in your home. 




This is the alignment, enhancement, and optimization phase. The ARIS team aligns with your builder, contractor, or with you if you are GCing your own project. We enhance our 3D renderings to take all interior and exterior selections and apply them to a comprehensive and finished project. Finally, we optimize the design to ensure it fits your budget.  This is also where we can capture all of the visual enhancements to bring your vision to life.



During this final phase we are here to

help you and offer guidance as you move into construction. We will work with your builder to ensure your design is brought to completion. We will also close out invoices, submit overages, and pay any refunds at this time. This is also the point where advocacy services can be activated. 

*Ask about our Construction Support & Advocacy Services.

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