What to Know Before
You Buy a Semi-Custom 
Design Plan

Please read over this information carefully before purchasing one of our home designs to ensure you fully understand our unique process and options. 

The Process

1. Decide on the home design of your choice. Welcome to the ARIS Family! 

2. Determine which framing option, the Post and Beam or the Stick Frame is best option for your home according to the local municipalities etc. Find more information here

3. All of ARIS' semi-custom home designs come with one free hour of customization. Determine if you would like to purchase an additional 3 hours of customization in addition to your free hour.  This option is available at the time of your initial purchase if you know you will require additional customization time. You can also purchase additional 3 hour customization packages at any time in the process. 

4. Our Semi-Custom Design Plans all include a Proof Bid Set, a final PDF Bid Set, as well as two          24" x 36" printed copies of the final Bid Set which will be mailed to you for free. Determine if you want/need to purchase two more additional printed Bid Sets to be mailed to you as well. 

5. Once you make your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt and will be directed to fill out our Design Options form so we can begin the customization process. After filling out the form you will receive an email with the PDF Proof Set and be directed to a webpage that has a download option. You can use the PDF Proof Set to look over the initial plans, make notes about adjustments, etc. 

6. You will have a 15-20 minute Zoom meeting with our ARIS designer to go over your questions, adjustments, customizations, preferences, etc. This meeting is part of your 1 free hour of customization. 

7. You will receive your final PDF Bid Set by email to look over and approve. Once it has been approved we will mail you the printed copies of the Bid Set with your name and information included on the documents.


Barndominium, often called barndos, are homes with metal sides and roof. There are four basic types of construction for a barndo.

1. Metal framed, metal sided - (Metal Building): A metal building is structurally designed and created by the supplier. Usually the best choice for wider open spans and taller wall heights. Metal buildings are a great choice for a larger footprint, (over 4000 square foot).


2. Wood framed-metal sided (Post and Beam):  Built using a similar method of construction as a metal framed house, post and beam is the most common method of creating a barndo, as long as your local jurisdiction allows for a residence without a continuous footing.  Compared to steel frames, post and beam is good option for  smaller structures rather than traditional framing. Post and beam is a great choice for larger garage-shop areas that are attached to living areas or homes that have single roof lines.


3. Wood framed-metal sided (Stick Built): Stick built refers to the normal way of building a house with a continuous footing and bottom plate, constructed of 2x4 or 2x6 studs like a traditional home, and then using metal panels for the walls and roof. The Stick Built Frame is the best option for homes that have multiple roof lines or homes that have a more complex footprint than the traditional rectangle allows. 


4. Metal framed-metal sided (Metal Studs): Less common, but becoming an increasingly viable option, is a home built in the traditional stick built style using metal studs instead of wood studs. This type of construction has existed in commercial buildings for many years, and is a great option to consider when lumber prices are high.

Choosing Your Framing Option:

Before purchasing a Post and Beam or Stick Frame option, please consider the following: 

  • Does your county/local jurisdiction building code allow a residential structure without a continuous footing? 

  •  If a continuous footing is required, post and beam will not be as cost effective as stick built.

If choosing post and beam, the interior measurements will remain the same. The  length and width will be increased to show dimensional lumber. Wall and foundation details for either stick frame or post and beam are included with purchase.